Sunday, September 6, 2015

Club Reports: Jet Club, Electric Avenue, Velvet Speakeasy, Stereo Afterhours (Montreal)

Bienvenue au Montreal!  Labour Day weekend in Quebec and checking out some of the many local clubs here beginning with Jet Club!
Arrived before 11PM and found DJ Lod in the booth spinning House.
DJ Keith Dean getting ready for his turn in front of the fantastic airport-style flight monitors in the background!
Only negative was it was too early for much action.  The music was great though!
Located just a few storefronts away from Jet Club on Rue Crescent, Electric Avenue is home to 80's & 90's Dance!
DJ Happy Man (left) was in the booth with his lighting tech.
Huge overhead lighting display was part of the "electric" theme and and reminded me of a dance floor on cruise ships!
But the incredible draw to me here was the electric dance floor which lit up wherever anyone's feet were moving!
Sometimes in brilliant colours!  No one has one of these in Orlando!
Dance floor was completely packed for Dance tunes from mostly the 90's and possibly some early 00's!
More electrical effects from these LED wire cages above the bar.  Electric Avenue earns the coveted KingBob seal of approval!
Another supercool club last night was Velvet Speakeasy.  Located underneath a nondescript restaurant, you wouldn't know Velvet was here were it night for the projected sign and a knowledgeable taxi driver!
Inside the restaurant, candle-lit stairs lead you into a subterranean cavern.
Where you follow this tunnel in the direction of pulsating beats!

And come inside!
You end up in this large room with a bar and dance floor!
With driving beats from DJ Otis!
The low ceiling adds to the feeling that you're not in Kansas anymore!
Pure House, nothing commercial.
More dancers over in VIP!  Incredible vibe in here!
Last stop of the night, Stereo Afterhours!
The club doesn't even open until 2AM and then runs nonstop until mid-morning!  DJ Danny Tenaglia (USA) in the booth delivering an interesting House set.
Arriving closer to 2:30AM, the dance floor was just picking up!
Incredible sound system in here; the room often literally vibrated!
But I had to call it quits at 3AM; my day began early in Orlando and my hotel bed was calling.  But on this first night in Montreal, a good time was had by all!


Anonymous said... got to see Tenaglia? #awesome

Ken said...

I miss the Citywalk "Techno Night" event.

Anonymous said...

Oh look, REAL nightclubs.. not the crap clubs orlando trys to pass off.

Thommy Sandvick said...

wow, I really need to put Montreal on my club city list!

KingBob said...

Anon at 3:12PM, yup!
Ken, you're right. This WAS the weekend of that annual event.
Anon at 8:33PM, Orlando has some good stuff but the "themeing" is sorely lacking. That will be the subject of a future Blog article.
Thommy, yes you should. GREAT GREAT city and GREAT GREAT clubs!