Monday, October 13, 2014

PI Update: Up Up And Away In A Beautiful Balloon

Lots of websites have photos of Pleasure Island construction but only Save Pleasure Island Blog takes to the air with its exclusive SkyCam photos!  Earning more frequent flyer miles, a look here to the east where Rock'n'Roll Beach Club and club Motion used to stand.
Future home of The Hangar, a bar/restaurant located on a small patch of land adjacent the current PI pedestrian bypass and future home of the PI watertaxi stop.
Much of the property will fit onto this "dock" over the waters of Village Lake.
Next to the east is the new outdoor entertainment amphitheater.  Date palms have been added to the seating area, an interesting concept considering there isn't a lot of seating to begin with and they will block sight lines.  Two larger trees have been installed as well to block off views of The Boathouse Restaurant.
The Boathouse continues to gain girth....and height.
A dock sits out over the water and what appears to be another boat dock sits along the curve of the Island.  Early information from Schussler Creative's website along with Disney's concept art give indications that "classic old boat" rentals will be available here.
Ground view.
Rear view.
Just out of sight from where the PI bypass connects to the Island by Mannequins, extensive brickwork will make an eastern circular pattern.

 The western circular pattern is completed atop West End Plaza.  You'll recall that from the air this looks like a railroad locomotive turntable.  Here we see it covered for construction workers and equipment to pass over it safely.
Supposedly the site of a new steakhouse restaurant at the top of Hill Street.
Moving down Hill Street, we see the new building where the Curl store used to stand along with the new construction in front of 8TRAX
And further down the hill, new retail spaces besides Mannequins.
Because of the curve of Hill Street in relation to Mannequins, the retail spaces at the bottom of the hill go deeper than those closer to 8TRAX.
Raglan Road and Portobello use a new service court seen in the upper left of this photo.  Their former service court was between the restaurants and you can see new retail locations being constructed in this area too.
This new pathway between Raglan and Portobello will carry come some pedestrians from the Lily Pad area in front of Fulton's over towards The Boathouse, pictured at the rear.  Tomorrow we'll get an update on garage construction.

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Anonymous said...

Mannequins would go great with a new revitalized DTD. It's back story even fits in with the back story of the new DS.