Tuesday, October 28, 2014

PI Update: The Island's Back Side

Mannequins was one of the buildings that bridged both the lower and upper levels of Pleasure Island.  The front here and the south side were on the lower level while the alternative entrance, most often used just as a smokers patio, was on Hill Street across from what is now Paradiso 37.  Will be interesting to see how Morimoto Asia uses this huge, multi-story space.
That south front of Mannequins still has that garage door but also the backstage area which is still painted dark brown.  The cash room was back there, offices and Mannequins kitchen.  The kitchen will have to be greatly expanded to make this into a full service restaurant.  Compare the side of the building as it looks above as Mannequins to what the concept art shows as Morimoto.
Further west, 8TRAX was another building that bridged both levels of the Island and it remains the same, at least on the exterior.  It too is slated to become a restaurant.  Interestingly, the front upstairs section of the former club was demolished and a new building constructed in that space.  So we don't know if the new construction will house shops or whether will be the new foyer for what goes into 8TRAX.  If it's shops, then one would have to access what goes into 8TRAX from the lower level pictured above and not from upstairs.  The Morimoto concept art depicts images of two women on the side of whatever is coming here.  Can't tell though if they're "Latin" women or "Asian" women.
Immediately to the west of 8TRAX was the Curl by Sammy Duval building, formerly Superstar Studios.  It had upper and lower levels but was completely demolished.  In the space is all new construction as shown above.  Here we see the upper level which will hold shops, one of which will be a Sanuk flip-flop store.  But I'm going to guess that what we see here wedged into the lower corner will be the new entrance into what goes into 8TRAX.  Could use a wing place on the Island!


Anonymous said...

From the concept art it appears you will enter the Morimoto Asia restaurant from the ground level of the former 8 Trax building.

Those are definitely Asian women painted on the facade of that building.....

KingBob said...

You look to be correct. Thanks for posting.

Anonymous said...

Why don't those people wake up, and put some nightclubs and nightlife, so people can party.