Monday, October 27, 2014

PI Update: The Island By Sea

Welcome to Pleasure Island, where every week new adventures unfold.  The Blog typically offers air views from our exclusive SkyCam but today we traverse the Island via the Downtown Disney Water Taxi service and give you a different perspective.
So here we go.  Nothing new at the BET Soundstage Club.  It remains idle.  Just to the west of it is that separate green building that holds bathrooms. Some concept art shows that remaining while some show it gone.  It's there for now.
Nothing new at Adventurers Club either.  Original plans from more than a year ago describe this as a train-themed "cafeteria" but there have been no rumors since.
Paradiso 37 used to have a wood balcony on this side of the building but that has been removed.  The balcony provided service access to a kitchen at a rear side door which has been covered over too.
Moving east, the new home to The Hangar, described as an aerodrome-themed bar with light food.  It will sit on this wood platform which is suspended on pilings over Village Lake much like Rock'n'Roll Beach Club which used to occupy this spot.
That is followed by Pleasure Island's new outdoor entertainment amphitheater.  Rumors say that this may be opening soon since there are now a dearth of locations for the bands to be performing.
The massive Boathouse complex.
Their website describes 3 bars and live music here.
In the same complex, more venues around the extreme eastern tip of the Island.
And one more view looking back to the west!
And back on the West Side, a water view of the new Food Truck Park area.  Stay tuned to the Blog for more updates from Pleasure Island!


Garry said...

Check the Disney Parks blog. Replacement for Mannequins and it's not good news :(

KingBob said...

Thanks for the news! We knew it was going to be a restaurant and a large one at that.

The link is:

Thanks again!