Friday, October 24, 2014

DTD Update: We Got Ramps!

Downtown Disney's new West Garage moving rapidly towards completion!
But nothing gets "Car Park" fans drooling more than ramps!
The northwest corner.
In the southwest corner, the beginnings (or ends) of new entrance ramps.  Looks like one will be able to enter the garage complex and drive directly up to a level displaying parking.  Or like Universal, perhaps access will be limited to one level at a time as spaces fill.  In this type of garage though, it's not necessary to drive through the lower levels to get to the higher levels.
Also in the southwest corner, more pilings as the ramps are extended further.
Head-on view of the pilings and the new entrance ramps.
The Thanksgiving holiday is just over one month away.  Theoretically, even if the ramps and upper levels are not ready, opening just the ground level over the holidays could make hundreds of needed spaces available.
Ground level entrance or exit opening in the northwest corner near DisneyQuest.

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