Monday, October 6, 2014

DTD Update: PH Store Razed

It's a long-narrow pathway from the AMC Dine-In Theater area to the Planet Hollywood area as construction walls line the sidewalks.
Not a lot waiting space for those Brazilian tour groups outside PH.
The Planet Hollywood outparcel t-shirt store was completely surrounded during my most recent visit, getting ready for demolition.  A picture I viewed elsewhere on the internet now shows this building subsequently razed. No more dino. Don't know whether the restaurant will remain a Planet Hollywood concept or become The Observatory as named in early concept art.


Anonymous said...

My money is on Planet Hollywood made over into a Star Wars themed restaurant.

Anonymous said...

Luv that idea!

Anonymous said...

What about Marvel, since they can't use it in the parks?

KingBob said...

A Star Wars themed restaurant would be unique and extremely popular. Ditto any kind of Marvel-themed restaurant. But for the PH building, apparently there is no ownership change and I doubt the PH people have a contract with Lucas or Marvel to use their characters.