Friday, October 3, 2014

CW Update: New DJ Booth At RCC

Blog reader DJ MadManRay sends us two pictures from Red Coconut Club at Universal CityWalk and informs us that the DJ booth is being moved from it's current spot up on the band stage (as shown) down to the dance floor level!
We're told they hope to draw-in more people by making the DJ visible for those passing by outside. Traditionally the DJ booth was upstairs on the 2nd floor at the far end of the building which meant close to zero interaction with the crowd.  With the emergence of DJ culture a few years ago the DJ's began to appear more on the club's stage.  The closing of CityWalk's Latin Quarter club and the moving of that club's Latin Nights to RCC has been immensely popular. New lighting will make the new DJ booth a real focal point and put guys like DJ Leony back among the dancers similar to how things were at LQ.  Thanks, Ray!


Anonymous said...

Being that close to the audience isn't necessarily a good thing. It's hard to Dj sometimes when you have people constantly interrupting you even though you have your headphones up and look like you're doing something. Then there's the issue of requests and just how far off into the twilight zone they can get.

KingBob said...

I agree. Their main DJ though, Leony, is used to that though from his long-standing residency at Latin Quarter where the DJ was completely accessible.