Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Remembering Comedy Warehouse

History:  Comedy Warehouse was one of the two comedy clubs that existed on Pleasure Island along with Adventurers Club.  It dates back to the opening of Pleasure Island.  Patrons entered here from West End Plaza and then stairs led down to seating on multiple levels, coliseum-style, with the stage at the very bottom at the Island's lower level.  After shows, the exit was downstairs and led everyone outside to The Waterfront adjacent the lower entrance to 8TRAX.  The comedy here was Improv style with audience participation very much of the format along with a lot of quick thinking by the troupe.  This was the Island's only club I never visited; was always too worried that I was going to miss something elsewhere!

Current Status:  Club was demolished one year ago this month, August, 2013.

Future:  For the past few years the CW comedy troupe has done improv shows annually over the holiday season at Disney Hollywood Studios. Construction of what we're told is a new steakhouse restaurant is underway roughly where Comedy Warehouse used to stand but slightly more to the east. It's being built along the edge so that the main level is on the Island's upstairs and a lower level will face the opposite side.


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