Monday, August 18, 2014

PI Update: Upper & Lower Decks

Taking a look today at how PI's upper and lower decks will be connected as it becomes The Landing.  As in the past, the slanted No. 4 Bridge will continue to connect the West Side with the upper deck of the Island
What is new is this area on the West Side which formerly was foliage is being expanded to allow visitors to get closer to the water.  Concept art shows a new bridge which we'll call the No. 3.5 Bridge connecting the West Side near Planet Hollywood / The Observatory to the Island's lower deck.
This appears to be a new ramp going in that would connect the upper and lower decks, near what was West End Plaza / Celebration Plaza.  Stairs used to exist near here.
This part of what was The Waterfront will be filled with water again and become the springs of Disney Springs.  New construction of more shops will be out here in what was the Pleasure Island parking lot and there will be shops on the Island's lower deck.  Apparently whatever is going into 8TRAX (supposedly another restaurant) will be accessed from back here rather than from Hill Street, since the Hill Street side of 8TRAX has two new shops.  To the left of 8TRAX one can see new construction at the rear side of the building that is going in where Curl used to stand.

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