Monday, August 25, 2014

PI Update: PI Signs Disappearing

Save Pleasure Island Blog roving reporter William out on the Island this past week reports that the Pleasure Island arch sign at the No. 4 Bridge from the West Side has been removed.  It had been turned off and was located behind construction walls since last year but now it is gone.

Meanwhile, the arch sign at the No. 2 Bridge at the main entrance to PI near Mannequins, which at least had stayed lit, is now turned off. 

It's not getting any better folks!  Thanks, William for the report & photos!


Anonymous said...

This whole situation is pathetic.
I suppose that the people after 10:00pm who want to go to the nightclubs, will have to go to Citywalk, and party.
P.S. Just think all that money and party hardy gone.

KingBob said...

We expect there will be nightlife for the after 10pm crowd, but it will be in the form of bands, singers and DJ's as restaurants push back their tables to allow for dancing of some sort. Just won't be "clubs" per se.

Anonymous said...

Disney execs are disgusting.

Anonymous said...

Absolutely disgusting. They suck.