Thursday, August 14, 2014

DTD Update: High Line & High Garage

Under the Characters In Flight tethered balloon ride, the first section of the so-called "High Line" stands by itself next to the new Starbucks.
Earlier this week though it was curiously surrounded by a new construction wall.
Peaking over the wall, the concrete walkway had been removed to repair something.
At the Food Truck Park, the main section of "High Line" will actually be accessible by elevator and stairs and guests will be able to enjoy their meals and drinks up there.
Over at the new "car park", an updated look at the eastern end of the structure.
More visible work taking place in the middle section.
And a look at its far western end.
For those parking at Team Disney, the long pedestrian "tunnel" leads from near Buena Vista Drive right up to the Planet Hollywood out-parcel shop.  At peak times such as Friday and Saturday nights, a lot of time can be saved by skipping the fight for a parking spot behind Cirque and just conceding the need to park at TD.  You'll be glad you did.


71 said...

Even easier to skip DTD all together Friday/Saturday nights. I went to Pointe Orlando a couple weekends ago, it was packed with partying adults just like PI used to be.

BTW, King Bob, have you seen latest literature pushes garage opening back to "early 2015"?

KingBob said...

71, if you're referring to the Downtown Disney Guidemap, it has always listed "Early 2015". As far as I can recall, it's only the rumor boards that keep referring to the garage opening "for the holidays".

Jeff - Gainesville said...

With the announcement this past week of that new mega mall at I-Drive and Kirkman Rd., I really hope that this new "mall concept" that WDW is creating at Disney Springs pays off. Who knows if that thing on I-Drive will take off or not but this is really a big gamble from my perspective. Hope not to see a bunch of empty retail parcels sitting around when that rotating dance floor could have still been runnin'.....

DJMadManRay said...

The New Mega Mall is supposed have a rotating restaurant at the top. Well, we're halfway there..maybe they will turn it into a night club at night and they can call it Megaquins? Lol... It's also supposed have an ice skating rink...
I agree with's a gamble