Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Music Festival Season

With EDM artists bringing home only a fraction of that $.99 you pay to download a song, it's no wonder that dance music festivals have become more important than ever!  For the big name established DJ's, it's a way to remain relevant and stay listed in that all-important DJMag Top 100.  For aspiring DJ's, it's a way to become noticed by a large number of EDM fans in one setting.  Once limited to only a handful of events such as Ultra in Miami, we've recently seen the proliferation of more and more festivals around the country. Insomniac recognized the heritage of Orlando in the history of the early dance scene and awarded the city with one of just a few Electric Daisy Carnivals it puts on each year.  This year's Sunset Music Festival in nearby Tampa has shown that it too is a big league city when it comes to Electronic Dance Music.
 Thus, the area will host more EDM festivals than ever over the coming months and we wanted to give you information about them!

DATE: Saturday August 23
FESTIVAL NAME: Independence Music Festival
LOCATION: Firestone Music Park, Firestone Live, Brink
PRICE: GA $59  VIP $119
ANNOUNCED ARTISTS: Phase One: BT, Butch Clancy, Herobust, Zooly, Mark Starr, Bombs Away, Hunter Siegel, A-Rock, Alex Wood, Phoenix Jagger & many more. Phase Two coming. INFO: http://www.imfevents.com
BLOG COMMENTS: New event locally.  Only festival so far with announced artists.

DATE: Saturday September 6
LOCATION: Central Florida Fairgrounds
PRICE: $39
INFO: http://www.cosmicworld.com
BLOG COMMENTS: New event locally.  Originally scheduled for the same date as IMF, glad they changed it.  This is a festival that takes place in several cities around the country and Orlando is next.  Bargain price but they need to tell us who is playing.

DATE: Saturday September 13
LOCATION: Curtis Hixon Park (Tampa)
PRICE: GA $45  VIP $70
INFO: http://www.facebook.com/SwissSauce
BLOG COMMENTS: This is Volume 4 so it does have a history.

DATE: Friday October 24
FESTIVAL NAME: Electro Chemical Show
LOCATION: Unknown (Gainesville)
PRICE: Tickets not yet on sale
INFO: http://www.facebook.com/electrochemicalshow
BLOG COMMENTS: Some ads say Orlando but a source says it's in Gainesville. Their website shows picture after picture of major artists at major festivals but no details about ECS. We'll keep you updated.

DATE: Friday/Saturday November 7-8  (not announced)
FESTIVAL NAME: Electric Daisy Carnival - Orlando
PRICE: Tickets not yet on sale
INFO: http://www.electricdaisycarnival.com
BLOG COMMENTS: This event was previously posted on the EDC website but I don't currently see it.  This is the big one!  Last year included Kaskade, Calvin Harris!  Tinker Field is no longer available due to Citrus Bowl construction; that leaves the Fairgounds. Stay tuned!


Anonymous said...

Why does it take everyone so long to say who is playing? If they want business, they cant expect people to buy tickets without knowing.

KingBob said...

I agree. For some reason the EDM world is very slow at getting DJ's booked way ahead of time.

Jose said...

Cosmic World is ran by the same people that made Cosmic Run. I would not recommend going after reading all the negative comments about their unorganized Cosmic Run events. They haven't even posted a lineup!