Saturday, July 5, 2014

Concert Report: Future Sound Of Breaks (Firestone Live)

4th of July visit to Firestone Live for the Future Sound of Breaks All-Stars and Stripes event!
Now THAT's the Spirit of '76!
Arrived to find a semi-empty dance floor and DJ Security in the booth.
Security would stay on-point with a continuous string of Breaks!
Because of downtown fireworks the traffic was horrendous outside and that likely played a part in the size of the crowd.
Firestone's lighting was as amazing as always though!
After midnight it did get more crowded.
DJ Curtis B coming on at 12:30am.
Building up the mood with louder and faster!
One of the legends in the history of the genre!
Spotted on the floor: DJ Security, DJ AgentK and DJ Bella
Spotted all over the dance floor: Promoter LadyV
Spotted in VIP and showing some Attitude: CJ and Amanda
Spotted backstage: DJ Rob-E and DJ Bella with friend
Spotted getting ready to come on at 1:30am: Legendary DJ AK1200
His Drum and Bass set included a number of Classic Dance songs!
AK1200 returns for the FSOB Labor Day weekend event joining DJ Icey, 2 Bad Mice, Noel Sanger and many more!  Early bird pricing still available here!
MC Collaborator was describing the action!
And a good time was had by all!


Anonymous said...

That last girl is HOT!

KingBob said...

Yes Anon, Bella certainly is!