Sunday, June 8, 2014

PI Update: Action at West End Plaza

Lots of activity taking place in the area once known as West End Plaza and later Celebration Plaza.  One remnant of the days when this was home to the West End Stage remains standing. Memories of live bands on the stage (including some big ones!) and New Years Eve was celebrated every night at midnight.
Something circular going in?
Some digging going on. Remember that this section of the Island is raised and there is a ground floor below it that once housed cast member facilities and offices. 
In this shot one can see the drop-off to the lower level. 
The construction of what is presumably a new shop facing the upper level roughly where Curl by Sammy Duval recently stood.
It apparently has a massive lower level which of course could be a different venue.
Another look at that new building, with 8TRAX behind it and a new front to the 8TRAX building.  Concept art appears to show that would be a new shop too, not part of what is going into 8TRAX.  However, it would be kind of nice if it was a new foyer to a 70's/80's dance club called......8TRAX.  Couldn't get more family friendly than that and everyone of every age knows the words!

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