Thursday, June 5, 2014

DTD Update: The Missing Highline

Was definitely wrong about that piece of the "highline" having been removed.  It's definitely there!
Right next to the new Starbucks, but not attached to it, near Characters In Flight.
It's meant to invoke memories of an abandoned elevated train trestle such as you might find in New York or Chicago.
This piece is by itself.  Apparently there will be no access to the top of this one for crowd-watching or sipping a drink.
Exclusive Save Pleasure Island Blog SKYCAM view.
More "highline" trestle is supposed to run along the edge of the new Food Truck Park that is being constructed in the former Bongo's Lawn.
Disney-released concept art shows a longer section constructed along what is currently that wall, with guest access to the top via elevator and stairs.
The food trucks will be parked in here and if you're so inclined, you'll be able to go up on top of the highline trestle to consume your food and drink, with musical entertainment perhaps nearby.


FN said...

Couple of thoughts:
1) First change at Disney Springs will be abandonment of the Food Truck Park *if* those trucks have run their course as a fad by the time construction is completed. Or *if* a national news story breaks about people getting sick at food trucks or some other similar truck scandal. (I realize they could open the Food Truck Court very soon.) But the whole concept of food trucks at DTD strikes me as very un-Disney and cheesy. Every city in North America has food trucks. I wonder what makes Disney think this is a good fit and/or addition to Disney Springs? Or is this just temporary until they build more dining venues? I'm probably not informed about the need or the expected demand for this sort of attraction.

2) That high line segment looks mighty appealing if you need some quick shade or if you get surprised by a thunderstorm and can't make it to a place to sit and relax indoors.

KingBob said...

FN, thanks for your thoughts. I agree that the food truck thing is kind of stale. I just have no clue as to what they're building in there. Lots of earth movement. All it needs is pavement and electrical hookups. The trucks are already around and are not that popular.

That area does need shade but what about all the people they expect to stand on top? Maybe at night but certainly not on a summer day in Florida.