Monday, June 9, 2014

DJ's Of The Bahamas

Travel day today so a little filler material to keep the Blog alive until we return to normal tomorrow.  This past Friday was Labour Day in the Bahamas and downtown Nassau was filled with one parade after another coming down Bay Street.
The various labour unions were out in force in the parades but what impressed me was each section of the parade began with a "float" featuring a local DJ.
The music varied from float to float.
Reggae dominated and there was no EDM or Hip Hop.
But there was some traditional Bahamian Goombay.
And Soca.
And some Rake and Scrape.
And the Bahamas biggest DJ bring up the rear of the first parade!
Meanwhile at Señor Frogs, music more familiar to Americans.
Party music of course!
And with the Bahamian drinking age what it is, a good time gets had by all!

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