Wednesday, March 19, 2014

DTD Update: Construction Update

It was a gloomy day, but what better place to spend it than beautiful Pleasure Island!
Last week we showed you the construction walls that now surround Bongo's Lawn.  Signs are now up announcing the area is becoming Food Truck Park.
In the past the five food trucks have been scattered around different parts of Downtown Disney West Side but they've also congregated in this faux-grassy area before.  So I'm not really sure what they're going to do in there besides park.
At Pleasure Island, pilings are being driven into the bottom of Village Lake for what will become part of the Boat House (formerly Mahogany Bay Classic Old Boats and Good Food) restaurant that sticks-out over the water.
Looks like the complex will be well-above the water line.
With other construction underway closer to the Pleasure Island water taxi dock.
Zooming-in closer on that work.
Construction continues on Disney World's first parking garage near AMC Theaters. The garage occupies what were Lots H-I-J-K.
Work is now taking place up on the second level in addition to the ground level.
The relatively small size of construction workers in comparison to the enormity of what they're building!
New this week is that Pleasure Island parking Lots E-F-G are also now at least partially blocked. To avoid missing a concert or show, plan on parking out beyond Cirque and House of Blues and arrive very early.

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