Friday, February 28, 2014

DTD Update: Entertainment Moves

This is a new entertainment stage that has been placed out on the lawn between House of Blues and the O-P-Q Parking Lots.  I spotted it out there this past weekend but didn't know what they planned to do with it.  Blog reader Bill R. reports to us today that the Andre Caram Band (ft. Drey-C) along with Nicholas Marks (and his gypsy guitar) will be performing out there.  Apparently entertainment that had been on the so-called Park Stage (aka Bongos Lawn) is relocating here as they plan to put the food trucks back again at Bongos Lawn.  

Meanwhile, entertainment acts such as Nova Era, Nova Pop and Mitch Corbin which have been at the Lily Pad Stage have relocated to the new round stage that covers the water fountain outside AMC Downtown Disney 24 Theaters.  The Lily Pad area is under construction.  Thanks Bill R.


Anonymous said...

That's a horrible looking temporary stage setup. I would have expected better from the entertainment dept... oh wait, who am I kidding?

Shawn Tucker said...

The location is absurd

KingBob said...

This location is like being out in a pasture somewhere. It is pretty sorry looking as is the so-called AMC Theater stage which covers the water fountain there.