Thursday, February 6, 2014

CW Update: Microbus Bar At CityWalk

Blue Sky Bar
Best Volkbar
Red Wagen Bar
Stars & Stripes Bar
These are street bars built into old VW Microbus models in Bangkok, Thailand, photographed when I was there a few months ago. These and many more are on the street where Q-Bar is located, home to DJ Kimball Collins (AAHZ).  I post these pics now because apparently Universal CityWalk's new Antojitos Mexican Restaurant is going to have a similar VW street bar parked in front of it, Mexican style of course!  Very cool! 
UPDATE:  Blog reader Shawn Tucker has sent us this photo of the VW street bar parked in front of the new Antojitos Mexican Restaurarnt.  Big thanks Shawn!!


Unknown said...

I'm looking forward to grabbing a drink here in the near future

KingBob said...

Me too. CityWalk keeps getting better!

Anonymous said...

Yes, Bob but I'm worried about The Groove. I read an another website again that it's next on the chopping block. What are your thoughts?

KingBob said...

Give me the link to that website and I'll see what they have to say.

Anonymous said...

King Bob here's the link:

KingBob said...

Thank you very much for sharing that link. Fascinating reading. However, it's long on speculation and short on anything not already known.

A month or so ago Screamscape published the rumor that The Groove was going to be scrapped. Orlando Informer adds Rising Star to that list. It just seems doubtful. Both are highly profitable and one doesn't close highly profitable operations unless they think whatever replaces it can be even more profitable. (See Pleasure Island)

This is something I will delve into and post findings into a future article. Thanks again!