Saturday, February 22, 2014

Club Reports: Independent Bar, Vain Nightclub

Independent Bar is always a great place to begin a night out downtown, offering good drinks at reasonable prices.
And you never know what you might spot on the dance floor here!
Next heading over to Vain Nightclub.  They might have the biggest attitude but they're definitely not Orlando's largest club.
The reason for coming.....Starkillers (USA)!
Starkillers is DJ Nick Terranova.  First show in Orlando in 3 years!
I wondered how much of a crowd he would draw since he's become relatively unknown amid the deluge of new DJ acts out there now.
The club was relatively full but nothing like the Oakenfold concert in here a couple months ago.
His set was nearly all commercial House music.
You can never go wrong with Go Go girls!
You can see it was pretty full, just not packed!
Starkillers plays in Clearwater tonight!
Had not seen Starkillers play since Electric Sun Festival in Jacksonville in 2012.  That was the festival where allegedly most of the DJ's did not get paid.
Taking a picture of the picture-taker!
And a good time was had by all!


Orlando DjAnon said...

looks like Starkillers is using Able Live and mixing it in the laptop. Kinda surprised by that..

KingBob said...

I saw that screen but did not recognize the program he was using. Had not seen it before.

Anonymous said...

Another one of these "producers" that probably can't Dj that well. I bet most of his set was arranged ahead of time...

KingBob said...

I think most of the bigger names have the set pre-produced. For those working without a laptop, I see very few actually inserting CD's anymore.

Anonymous said...

This is the player you usually see in the clubs these days:

That is if they're doing it right.

The 2000 has a USB slot you just bring your zip drive with mp3s or WAVs and you're set. What's really cool about these is they network together with ethernet cables so 4 of these 2000s can work together and share the contents of one USB drive.

Just no excuse for showing up to a gig with a pre produced set. If you're a proper Dj, you're reading the crowd and playing it on the fly with your FULL library available to ya.

That is if you're doing it right. We have Orlando Djs that could run donuts around some of these "national" Djs. Just sayin..

KingBob said...