Monday, February 24, 2014

Club Report: House Of Blues (SIN)

Many clubs have tried. All have failed. No one beats House of Blues "Service Industry Night" on Sunday nights. No one.
Big thanks!
Arriving after midnight to find DJ Magic Mike on stage playing House/Dance!
As is always the case here on Sunday nights, just a little crowded!
Great lighting and sound systems at House of Blues, a division of Live Nation Entertainment.
No way was I going down into that mess.
Hi to you too!
Spotted: DJ Richie Rich (The Beacham) who had played earlier.
You can never go wrong with Go Go girls!
Once again, packed to the rafters!
HOB SIN opens at 10:30pm every Sunday night and anyone in any service industry, not just hospitality, gets in free. A business card or a pay stub has to be shown. Others pay $12.  Dubstep DJ Excision (CDN) plays here on February 28th and that is almost sold out.
On the way out, visiting beautiful Pleasure IslandMannequins is still here! With demolition finished, it's gonna become something!  Seems like a perfect place for a.....nightclub!
Because the Island "keeps getting better"!


Anonymous said...

It's good to see Mannequines and
8Trax still standing.
Hopefully they'll make them nightclubs again, and people will have the fun nightlife in those clubs six years ago.

KingBob said...

Would be sweet!

Anonymous said...

Wish you had video footage of this! Looks AWESOME!

So how does this work again? Anyone can get in for $12? Are there other nights that have a good crowd but not quite this busy? Also: if I am in a service industry (say I work in a salon) and am vacationing at Disney...can I present my business card and get in free or is this just for locals?