Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Breaking News: PI's Great Sign Removed!

Sources tell Save Pleasure Island Blog this morning that PI's so called "Great Sign" has been removed.  This is the one that stood at the entrance of PI's main parking lot along Buena Vista Drive, across from the Hess (formerly Exxon).  Disney is moving quickly to get The Landing portion of Disney Springs completed before the end of 2014.  The Landing is the new name for what was Pleasure Island. 


Anonymous said...

It was there last evening, so maybe it happened early today.

Anonymous said...

Guess I should have read that better; I was confused it with to the large sign above Mannequins. That sign is still there last night.

I did not notice if the "Great Sign" was removed.

Anonymous said...

It's a shame, five years ago P.I. rocked, I guess my friends, and I along with all the Save P.I. people will go party at Citywalk.
Too bad, you people never woke up to smell the coffee.

KingBob said...

Anon at 7:58pm, I think they removed it Tuesday night.

Anon at 8:01pm, my article earlier in the week indicated that the sign atop Mannequins was coming down. The one removed was the "great sign" out on the street. But the one at Mannequins should be coming down too.

Anon at 10:32pm, you've been telling them to wake up and smell the coffee for years. PI is definitely going away but there's still hope of some adult nightlife.

Anonymous said...

Hopefully there is still going to be some adult nightlife.
Somehow you need to open some sort of night clubs.
Lets just hope it is sometime this year, not three years down the road.

EasyEddy said...

KingBob, Snapshot today. Can you put a percentage on the likelihood of nightlife returning? 50/50%?, better?, worse?

Ace said...

I have been thinking that, with real nightlife or not in the future "Springs" project, Disney knows they have a huge fan base and such huge demand that they know they could build a garbage dump, put their logo on it, and people would visit in droves.

I really miss PI, and the clubs, and am one of those who stopped coming and stopped buying annual passes when all the nightlife disappeared. My friends and I bought annual passes to another theme park instead, and have been enjoying that a lot.