Friday, January 3, 2014

Would You Be My Friend? (Please)

Ok, I've finally gone and done it!  After years of delays, diversions and stall tactics, yours truly has finally gotten an iPhone and a Facebook page.  Not sure what to do with either of them but everyone kept telling me that both were needed to live a modern life.  So some day soon you may see breaking news on Pleasure Island, live as it happens, taken with my camera phone and posted immediately on my Facebook.  Wouldn't that be special.  But first I have to learn how to use both!
In the meanwhile, I'm told I need Facebook friends.  Would you be my Facebook friend?  My Facebook name is King Bob and you can search for me on Facebook by using King Bob Orlando or you can go to my page directly at:   Thank you for your consideration.  Pals forever, King Bob


scott said...

Looks like you made a "personal" type of facebook page (where people add you as a friend), I think what you really want (the kind of facebook page usually associated with a blog) is a page that can be "liked" instead of "friended." You should be able to set this up with the same account and its free, just go here:

KingBob said...

Thanks, Scott! You might be right so I will check out your link later this weekend. It's a whole new world!

daisy said...

With all due respect; Twitter better suits your agenda.

KingBob said...

Scott, I've decided to keep it the way it is for now; appreciate the tip and I'll continue to study the need to switch it over.

Daisy, you're right but really Facebook reaches a far larger audience. People have kept asking me if I was on Facebook but never if I was on Twitter. Thanks.