Tuesday, January 28, 2014

White Castle v Krystal

Flight from the great white north did not get in to Orlando-Sanford International until nearly midnight so am loading this "filller" article for today.  I noticed in both metro St. Louis and Chicago that they have White Castle restaurants up there while down here in the south we have Krystal.  Many people believe that because each sells those tiny "slider" hamburgers that they're related to each other.  But that's not the case.  White Castle sells them up north and Krystal sells them down south.  But they don't really compete with each other because of geography.  Except in one place.  The two actually do "meet" in one geographic area only and that is in northern Kentucky in the south suburbs of Cincinnati.  That is the only place where you will find White Castle and Krystal near each other.  Must be interesting!


Anonymous said...

no contest..White Castle for the win

Anonymous said...

Krystal! because they do not cut out any of the beef like in the white castle!