Thursday, January 30, 2014

Stadium Reconstruction: Will There Be Room For EDC - Orlando?

Heavy renovations began yesterday at the Florida Citrus Bowl Stadium in Orlando, a project so large that the only existing parts that will remain when it's all finished are the upper decks. The lower tiers are being completely replaced along with new concession stands, restrooms and facade.
This is Tinker Field, located immediately west of the stadium. Once the Spring Training home of the Minnesota Twins major league baseball team, the City of Orlando announced yesterday that Tinker Field is going to be demolished and rebuilt nearby. 
Tinker Field is important to EDM fans because this field is the annual home of Electric Daisy Carnival!
The main stage under construction in Tinker Field's outfield this past November.
The new stadium's footprint will be wider and will take up much of this field.  So where is Electric Daisy Carnival going to go even if the stadium reconstruction is finished on-time in November?
Insomniac, the creator and producer of Electric Daisy Carnival has stated that EDC-Orlando is returning.  This is what's stated on their website: 
Thank YOU so much for joining us on our third adventure through the landscape of EDC Orlando. The beauty and overwhelming energy you brought throughout the entire weekend has truly sparked our imaginations with new ideas for next year. It is YOU who inspire us to create new elements and surprises. We do everything with your experience in mind and hope that your journey was as unforgettable as ours. See you next year!
This is an experience we sure don't want to miss next November. But if won't fit here, where will it go?
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