Friday, January 31, 2014

PI Update: Restaurant Construction To Begin!

Ever since the concept of The Landing last year replaced the concept of Pleasure Island, we've seen nothing but demolition permits and demolition on the IslandComedy Warehouse came down along with Laffers Cantina, PI Live Bar, Fuego by Sosa Cigars and the former Curl by Sammy Duval building. In addition, the front foyer area of 8TRAX was also demolished.  But we've seen nothing actually built.

But apparently that's about to change. Someone on the WDW Magic website posted a link to Orange County's permit website showing that a Notice of Commencement has been issued for the former Rock'n'Roll Beach Club/Motion address to construct a 22,000 sf restaurant there! This is pictured on the Disney Springs concept art on display in several places on the Island, as shown above.

The permit lists the owner or lessee of the restaurant to be "The Boathouse Orlando LLC". This of course is no surprise to Blog readers because we reported in 2010 that a lighthouse style restaurant was in the works for this "seed & mulch" plot of land. We reported at the time that this was a Schussler Creative project with a working name of Mahogany Bay Classic Old Boats and Great Food Restaurant. Indeed, the concept art shows some classic old boats approaching the facility. Schussler Creative is the genius behind Rainforest Cafe, T-REX Cafe and Hot Dog Hall of Fame, the latter coming soon to CityWalk. We wrote to Mr. Schussler for comment but did not get a response. 
 These are exciting times on beautiful Pleasure Island


Anonymous said...

O.K. put another restauraunt in P.I. where the Rock and Roll Beach Club was, but if you guys had any sense you would fix up 8 Trax, Mannequines, and Adventure'ers Club, make it a nightclub also, that is what the Pleasure Island seekers want, and there are alot of them.
P.s. Let P.I. Jam like it used to.

Anonymous said...

Another restaurant to cannibalize the sales from the other restaurants... genius idea.. not.

KingBob said...

Apparently Pleasure Island as The Landing will be the restaurant part of Disney Springs. Not that the West Side and Marketplace won't have restaurants too. So it makes little sense. And yes, except for a few weeks every year, most of the time there already is plenty of restaurant capacity at DTD.