Friday, January 24, 2014

PI Update: More Changes

A beautiful and crisp Thursday night in Orlando and what better place to spend it than beautiful Pleasure Island!  The sign at the No. 2 Bridge still shines brightly.
With most of PI now surrounded by demolition walls, there aren't a lot of entertainment options remaining!  One possibility though is Paradiso 37.
Despite the chill, this fine-looking vocalist was singing Latin hits out on their patio!
Adjacent P37, this is where the pathway now ends for westbound traffic. As you know, the Pleasure Island bypass causeway is now open.
Eastbound traffic now meets this imposing blockade at the foot of the No. 4 Bridge. The camera's flash lights up the old sign but "Pleasure Island" is actually no longer lit here.
The No. 4 Bridge. We shall never pass this way again.
Quick visit to a pretty crowded Planet Hollywood.
Found DJ Uncle Mike on the boards playing Top 40 to the diners!
Overnight last night this fountain adjacent AMC Downtown Disney 24 Theaters was supposed to be converted to a new permanent entertainment stage. It will replace the so-called Fulton's Stage on Pleasure Island (at the Lilypad) which has become surrounded by more construction walls.
Indeed, construction walls are up near T-Rex Cafe and the LEGO store!
These walls are up and the cranes have arrived to begin construction of the new boardwalk connecting this area over to the Rainforest Cafe area. 
It will allow pedestrians to avoid the very congested area near the Waterside Stage and the World of Disney store.
Speaking of the Waterside Stage, we found DJ Elliot (Disney Cruise Line, Disney Hollywood Studios NYE Dance Party) leading the kid's dance party playing Top 40 and EDM.
But with it being between tourist seasons and a chilly night, not a lot of people hanging around.
So it was back across the No. 1 Bridge to Pleasure Island.
To MannequinsYes, it's still here!  All that outside entertainment effort being made, yet just reopen this place and there would be long lines every night to get in! With EDM and DJ's so huge right now, can you imagine what this place would be like?  


Anonymous said...

Reopen Mannequins Dance Palace!

Anonymous said...

Like he said!

Anonymous said...

Its dead it never coming back,, I let go,,to the sadness it caused when it happen i have now let it all go sorry to you all that keep thinking they are going to reverse this worst thing..