Tuesday, January 14, 2014

PI Update: Cruising To Mannequins

Time to take another cruise.  Destination: Mannequins.
Sailing daily from the Port of HOB, this is a great opportunity to give you a Downtown Disney update for those of you unable (or unwilling) to come see this for yourself!
Very smooth seas today as we sail pass the Island of Pleasure. One can just barely make out Soundstage Club and Adventurers Club along the Island's north shoreline.
And Paradiso 37, bringing you street foods of the Americas.
A tethered balloon ride, closed due to the winds aloft.
Our cruise takes us along the Island's east point, home to a future restaurant/shop complex and an outdoor entertainment amphitheater, last we heard.
If you've ever sailed out of the Port of San Juan, you recognize the imposing citadel El Morro.
Sailing past old ruins are a part of many cruises. Here we see the remains of Cap'n Jack's Restaurant.
Land ahoy! Great to be on terra firma again.
Oh....so this is where Magnetron ended-up!
Team Mickey's days are numbered as they're apparently turning this space into a farmer's market or something like that. I did notice a lot of baseball apparal on sale cheap over at the Disney Outlet store on Vineland Avenue when I was there last week.
Contrary to rumor that a Starbucks kiosk was going in next to World of Disney, that is not true. It's a full-fledged Starbucks store.
Circling around and crossing the No. 1 Bridge over to Pleasure Island.  The numerous kiosks on the bridge do a good job of hiding the fact you're crossing a bridge.
And finally reaching the pinacle of dance music clubs, Mannequins! It's still here!


DJMadManRay said...

You kill me Bob..LOL! I love taking Disney Cruises, although I have to say that I don't believe I have ever booked this itinerary...Thanks for the update...

KingBob said...

Thank you for sailing with us today!

Anonymous said...

The people want Mannequins. Disney says let them eat cake (and shop at their new outlet mall). Heads rolled in France. It doesn't pay not to listen to the people. I believe some Disney heads have rolled oner this scandal of closing the PI clubs. The people are never going to be happy unless they reopen. Mannequins Dance Palace as Mannequins. When will the aristo-rats at TDO learn to listen to the people. The people also do not like the name Disney Springs. They want the names Downtown Disney and Pleasure Island to stay. ( And just a disclaimer I mean job loss by heads rolling. Not encouraging violence! lol.)

Anonymous said...

I guess you can not make some people understand the TRUTH about PI. it was closed and make to do BAD so Disney could close it. because in the 1st place the Disney UPPERS never wanted PI. believe what you want! I am sure NO Disney HEADS will roll! but as for some will still think they will OK then think!

KingBob said...

No Disney heads rolled because of this fiasco on Pleasure Island, at least that I'm aware of.