Saturday, January 25, 2014

Club Report: Europe Night Club (St. Louis)

When I found out my travels would take me to St. Louis, I quickly researched the city's EDM clubs.  I couldn't find any though except for one...Europe Night Club.
Just 4 of the many DJ's tag teaming it last night!
Big crowd on hand!
DJ Kurrent putting out House/Dance.
Hard to compare the size to any of our clubs.  The set up is similar to Tier (formerly Icon) but smaller.  The upstairs was also closed last night.
DJ Emilio Hernandez continuing the House/Dance format including a really catchy remix he recently produced.
Paul van Dyk (D) plays from this booth next Friday night!  Krewella (USA) plays here in late February.  So this does seem to be the place to go in St. Louis!
The club is located on the edge of downtown, a couple miles west of the Gateway Arch.  If you're headed to the UCF football game at Missouri this fall, you might want to include Europe Night Club in your journey!
No coat check room so you either wore it or came in without it!
Shiny disco ball!
And in St. Louis last night, a good time was had by all!


Paul Chandler said...

Welcome to my home! Former WDW Cast Member. We're nothing like the good ole days of PI. :(
Paul Chandler

KingBob said...

Thanks, Paul! Appreciate you still reading the SPI Blog.

Paul Chandler said...

I still check it out 4-5 days a week!