Sunday, January 26, 2014

Club Report: Bar Louie (Chicago)

My journey continues up to Chicago and heading out to the club.  First stop though was right in my hotel; Bar Louie.

Finding DJ Wyldchyld in the booth playing Top 40/Hip Hop.
O-town of course has a Bar Louie just off Sand Lake Road near Universal.
People dance to the DJ's at our Bar Louie.  Apparently at this location they  Good music to dine by though and the place was crowded!


Wyldchyld said...

How are you Bob. This is Dj Wyldchyld. Just checked out the blog. Good shots and I so appreciate the business.
Tony B.

KingBob said...

Thanks for the greetings, Tony. Nice meeting you. Looks like you got a good gig there. It would be cool if you could get management to create a small dance floor in front of you. I think it would be a good hot spot for the area.
Heading back to F-L-A tomorrow. You all can keep this weather, lol.
If you're ever coming to Orlando, let me know.