Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Club Report: Atlantic Dance Hall

Dropped in at Atlantic Dance Hall too last night to see what was happening. Coverage will limited to this picture of DJ Tony Z (Planet Hollywood, Le Rouge) on the boards playing off the request list including Top 40, Dance, 90's, Hip Hop and line dances.  As it was before 10pm there weren't all that many people in the place yet. The glory days of the ADH NYE party were back when it was advertised and it was a hard-ticketed event you had to buy ahead of time otherwise you weren't getting in because it was sold out.  Nowadays it is barely advertised and no one knows about it; you have to call and make reservations through Disney Dining. May not matter for next year.  Isn't 2014 the year Disney's contract expires with the Swan and Dolphin hotels to run a night club for them?


EasyEddy said...

Great venue; so much potential. If only the dance floor was cut in half, and 8TRAX was the theme.

KingBob said...

Eddy, we could see it close this year if the contract expires.