Tuesday, April 9, 2013

PI Update: Remembering 2009

A little more than a month ago we posted pictures of memories from 2010.  Today we return to Pleasure Island, circa 2009.
When the clubs closed in September, 2008, the building that had at one time housed Avigators Supply, Missing Link Sausage Company, DTV and other shops had already been completely gutted and rebuilt.  Shops were never put back inside though and instead it was gutted and rebuilt a second time to become the future home of restaurant Paradiso 37.  This is how it looked in April, 2009.
The imposing Rock'n'Roll Beach Club still dominated The Hub corner while Disney's rolling plantars blocked access to club Motion.
Looking back the other way gave one a view of the PI Live DJ booth along with the lighting catwalk and entertainment tower.  To this day, That patio behind Sosa Cigars remains blocked off by a construction wall.
2009 prices at Characters In Flight, the tethered balloon ride which was opening within a few weeks of this picture being taken. 
Later in 2009 the rear stairway to the 2nd floor of Mannequins was removed, along with that door.  On many a crowded night this entrance was used in lieu of the front door.  During Final Weekend in 2008, this door would see one last use on the Thursday Castmember night.
Mid-2009 brought us Celebrate Tonight, the celebration dedicated to celebrating, here with a big crowd for DJ G-Clef (BET Soundstage, Motion, Red Coconut Club, CityWalk Plaza Dance Party). And a good time was had by all.

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