Thursday, March 7, 2013

PI Update: Remembering 2010

As Downtown Disney gets ready to make large changes, thought we'd look back at late-winter 2010.  Do you remember Planet Hollywood on Location, the t-shirt store?  PH still sells t-shirts inside the restaurant as well as from a small building adjacent the PH entrance.  If they're really closing, those t-shirts could become collectors items!
Do you remember Magnetron, that large store that sold, well, ....magnets?  But no Disney magnets. According to a manager, you'd have to go to Marketplace if you wanted Disney magnets.  You wonder how many magnets they had to sell every month to pay the rent.
Remember when Orlando Harley-Davidson was on the Island?  Remember when DTD management started taking down the no-longer used scaffolding and stairs that connected to the PI Live DJ booth?  Remember when Harley had their huge signs affixed to that scaffolding?  Remember when Harley said no, you're not taking down our signs?   Harley was finally able to move to the Westside.
Sad day when Virgin Mega Store went out of business.  Do you remember the Celebrate Today advertising campaign as shown in the foyer doors?
With the entrance to beautiful Pleasure Island advertising Celebrate Tonight?
Do you remember Celebrate Tonight?
"Hey kid!  Don't hide!  What are you celebrating?"

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