Monday, January 14, 2013

PI Update: January On The Island

Pleasure Island remains the de facto place for adult fun while visiting Walt Disney World.
Of course Mannequins remains shuttered but there are other adult things to do.
PI Live Bar is still in business.
You can have a stogie and drinks at Fuego by Sosa Cigars.
There's a groovy chick performing outside Paradiso 37.
At West End Plaza beside Laffers Cantina, Nicholas Marks performs at the Green Stage, alternating with live bands performing on the nearby Purple Stage.
Large crowd enjoying the show.
And the Mad Hatter-themed living statue still entertains.  (We have no idea what happened to "Mad Tea Party" coming to Pleasure Island; just another rumor that came and went.)  But this shows what a fun place Pleasure Island remains!  Who needs clubs!


Anonymous said...

I need clubs

Anonymous said...

Eight years ago Pleasure Island rocked! come on people get P.I. rockin again.

Anonymous said...

One word, three sylables...

KingBob said...

We're hoping the new guy turns this around!