Thursday, January 31, 2013

Club Reports: LEV3L, Mynt, The Bank (Windsor)

Had the opportunity last Saturday afternoon to visit Canada.....for an hour! We always want Blog readers to have club information for anywhere you go!  That's hard to accomplish in an hour so instead we'll show you some other scenes from my visit and give you some Canada trivia.  And some club reports!  That's the Ambassador Bridge above which crosses from Detroit, Michigan to Windsor, Ontario.  Canada is similar to the United States but there are distinct differences too.
For instance, I think you can only buy beer at government-run stores.  Trivia: The drinking age in Ontario is 19.
Petro Canada is one popular brand of Canadian-owned gasoline stations and are found from BC to Newfoundland. Trivia: American gasoline brand Exxon is able to use their Standard Oil name in Canada, thus doing business as Esso. (S.O.)
Canadians love their donuts and the country's largest chain is Tim Horton's!  It's a must-do stop for any visiting American!  The company has crept into the northern United States and we'd love to see them put in a branch beside the Canadian pavilion at EPCOTTrivia: An expanding partnership with Cold Stone Creamery could bring them to O-Town! 
Canadian department store chains fell on hard times a decade ago and the only large survivors are Sears Canada and The Bay.  The latter, more formally known as the Hudson's Bay Company, has been in business since the year 1670!  Trivia: They're changing their name back this year to Hudson's Bay.
You thankfully won't find a Walgreen's on every corner.  Instead you'll find a Shopper's Drug Mart on every corner!  Trivia: Aspirin is still a trademark of the Bayer Company in Canada so Aspirin is a brand name.  Everyone else has to call their product acetylsalicylic acid.
Branches of "Bee Mo" can be found throughout Canada.  Trivia: They can be found in Orlando too along with Canadian competitor Toronto Dominion Bank.  Remember TD Waterhouse Arena?
Roots is a retail store selling rugged outdoor clothing of high quality, emphasizing Canadianism.  Trivia: The company was made famous dressing Canada's Olympic team members.

OK, here are some Windsor club reports compliments of DJ Ken-E (CDN).  LEV3L features EDM including Saturdays from DJ Chris James.
While EDM nearly died out in the United States last decade, Canada was more aligned with Europe and did not fall for Hip Hop to the same extent as here.  Not that Detroit radio stations aren't listened to.  But EDM is bigger than ever there now.  Mynt Night Club with Owner/DJ Ni-ko has "I Love House Music" on Thursdays and more EDM on other weekend nights.
A third downtown Windsor club is newly opened The Bank Nightklub, open Fridays and Saturdays only for Electronic Dance Music.  It's also home to the largest Disco ball in Canada so you know it's gotta be a great place!
Heading over the Detroit River and back into the good old USA.  No time to visit clubs this trip but I'll be back to check them out!  That's Detroit on the left, Windsor on the right.  Trivia: Because the river runs generally east-west in this stretch, this is the only place along the entire American-Canadian border where Canada lies south of the United States!


Belle said...

...and liquor is only sold at the LCBO in Ontario - Liquor/beer sales is different province by province.

Hope you enjoyed your time over the border - come back to Toronto soon (many more options than Windsor!)

KingBob said...

Hi Belle! I'm way overdue for a visit to the GTA!