Tuesday, November 20, 2012

PI Update: Construction Permit at Mannequins

A couple readers emailed the Blog last night to report on a "Notice of Commencement" filed by Disney for work inside Mannequins Dance PalaceIt's easy to get excited whenever we see mention of Mannequins however the contractor on this work is Lake Buena Vista Fire Protection, Inc so it appears to just be fire prevention work.  The short duration of the permit would also indicate that this is a small project.  
The map on the second page is quite interesting though.  Of course it confirms common knowledge that that Apricot Lane Boutique, Curl by Sammy Duval and 8TRAX are all part of the Mannequins building.  But most important, despite the removal of all signs, the building legally remains Mannequins Dance Palace!!


FN said...

Hmmmm... Fire protection work would be very important if they were going to re-open the clubs, shoot fireworks from the roof, or treat us once again to the smokin' hot good times everyone had in the clubs on Pleasure Island.

This whole "closure" stuff, along with the Hyperion Wharf false start, and all the other rumors, are very painful when you recognize the tremendous potential the property has. There must be roadblocks behind-the-scenes which are causing Disney to wait and wait to do something with the property. I'm still thinking that parking is a huge issue, along with connecting any PI re-development to some other grand plans.

I suspect they're not going to move forward with anything big until they've got one HUGE redevelopment plan approved and funded. The whole thing is complicated by lessees who have businesses in operation in the exising spaces. So I'm kinda watching for leases to expire so that Disney can put their own "temporary" stuff up and then redevelop at will.

I really do miss PI... Still think it would be great if they were to move forward and compete head-to-head with City Walk. But I also understand the issues with the close proximity of non-club "family" spaces and how they are so tightly intertwined with the "adult" spaces. It's a bizarre mixture of problems that need to be solved there. But I believe it can be done. I just hope it doesn't take another 5 years of watching and waiting.

Jeff - Gainesville said...

That's a really old map shown along with the permit. It still shows RRBC and the former P.I. Live Booth. Why do you suppose they would use such an old map?

KingBob said...

Probably because that's all there is and because the old stuff is irrelevant to the purpose of the permit.