Sunday, November 11, 2012

Concert Report: Electric Daisy Carnival - Day 2

Barely got any sleep from the first day, waking up and having to do it all again!  In 2011 Insomniac put the already successful Los Angeles/Las Vegas EDC concept and took it to Orlando, Denver, Dallas and San Juan. Dallas and Denver failed.  San Juan was a surprise hit as EDM is huge in Puerto Rico.  Orlando lost money but they saw the potential.  And we've all been rewarded with an incredible 2-day show that the public responded to!  This bodes well for another show next year!  Today's article continues to focus on the DJ's while tomorrow we'll post more crowd scenes from both days.
Coming in early and visiting the Discovery Project stage. Hundreds of DJ's sent in examples of their music and only 11 were selected to perform live.  But with big name talent on two competing stages, it was hard to draw a crowd!
DJ Rob N (USA) on the neonGARDEN platform at this early afternoon hour spinning House.
Followed by DJ PsoGnar's (USA) Dubstep set!
While at the kineticFIELD main stage, a crowd was already gathering for what would be an incredible day lasting until midnight!
DJ Icey (USA) blowing the place apart from 2 to 3pm.  The expected Breakbeats was mixed with some current House hits and drew over the early younger crowd from the competing circuitGROUNDS stage where Tommie Sunshine (USA) was performing.
Icey's crowd looking towards the rear!
Spotted: Connecticut Breaks DJ
Spotted: Underground Sound fans
DJ duo Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike (B).
Part of Afrojack's "Jacked Tour", DJ Bobby Burns (NL) playing House.
Followed by DJ Quintino (NL).  Dutch DJ's would occupy the circuitGROUNDS stage all night!
And a huge crowd would be there to watch it!
Spotted: Tampa's DJ Ark.

 Spotted in VIP: Wealthy Orlando heiress CJ hanging with DJ Icey.
 And visiting with a friend.
Back at the main stage, Hook N Sling (AUS).
Another DJ who blew the place up, Wippenberg (D) thoroughly impressed everyone around me with a very dominating Progressive House set.  Worth going to see if he ever comes around again.
He played at Tier Nightclub back in February, underrated Cedric Gervais (F) did a good job of keeping the crowd occupied for an hour although it seemed about 15-minutes of it was spent on his hit "Molly". OK, I get it already.
By now the crowd stretched beyond vision!
Morgan Page (USA) was up next with a mostly House/Dance set which included the song that probably brought him to the forefront, "The Longest Road".  He was one of only 9 DJ's to perform at EDC-Orlando both last year and this year!
Really awesome, inspiring House/Dance set from DJ duo Tritonal (USA).
Last seen in the Orlando-area at House of Blues in September, 2011, ten times as many people on hand to experience Trance expert and #1 DJ in the world, Armin van Buuren (NL).  Holding a smile nearly the entire night, it was quite an experience!
An idea of the crowd that was out there for him!
Spotted: MC Marybeth and DJ Matrix (NLP DJ Group).
Over at the "Jacked" stage, Afrojack (NL) putting on a House/Dutch House performance that exceeded expectations!  Behind him, group Shermanology (NL) who had performed earlier while Zawdi MC (NL) stands guard to the far left!
And on this beautiful November evening, with a sold out crowd in attendance, a good time was had by all!  Let's hope we can do it again next year!


zulemara said...

I opted for afrojack since I had seen AVB. He did not disappoint!

KingBob said...

I got to see Afrojack perform TAKE OVER CONTROL. From what I'm reading, I heard the entire Afrojack set was "out of control"!

Anonymous said...

What does B, D, E mean after you list the dj?

KingBob said...

Those are the official country codes for the nationality of each DJ. The most common ones:
USA=United States
NL =Netherlands
B =Belgium
D =Germany
E =Spain
F =France
I =Italy
S =Sweden

zulemara said...

Afrojack's finale was can't stop me with the vocals performed live. AWESOME way to end his set. He's just barely under Avicii as far as concert enjoyment in my book.

KingBob said...

Of course I could not listen to every song by every DJ over two days. Nonetheless, I only heard an Avicii song one time in two days. Tiësto played "Silhouettes" (ft. Salem Al Fakir). Tiësto is probably the only DJ who could get away with it!