Sunday, November 25, 2012

Club Reports: Ralphfest2, On The Rocks, Dragon Room, Vixen Bar, The Beacham

A chilly but not bad at all Saturday night in O-Town.  Ralphfest2 in progress, the goal to raise money to fund a permanent music scholarship honoring musician Ralph Ameduri who was killed during a robbery outside a Winter Haven nightclub more than a year ago.
Taking place in a vacant lot beside new club Elixir, the music filled the nighttime air along Washington Street.
It featured several live bands supporting the effort.
And at this early hour there were already quite a few spectators in the area with a line waiting to get in.
On The Rocks is a new venue downtown along Magnolia Avenue, across from Vain.
DJ Remington Steele was on the controls at the front of the club playing Top 40/Dance.
Already people have discovered the place!
The long narrow room is reminiscent of numerous other bars downtown but it's the first I saw already decorated for Christmas.
Over to Dragon Room to see what was happening along Church Street.
Always nice running into DJ Adam Wells who was playing all-EDM during my visit!
Just a small group on the dance floor though.
The decor at Dragon Room takes visitors on a quick visit to Shanghai!
There's always Electronic dance music at Vixen!
And putting out Electrohouse, Breakbeats and a little Dubstep, ill DJ Chris B.
Pretty good crowd lined the venue.
With one couple moving to the beats!
Spotted: Clothing magnate and DJ Social Menace!
Great drinks (and great views) from Lindsey!
Final stop at massive The Beacham complex.
DJ Richie Rich on the boards spinning Hip Hop and Top 40.  RR alternates with DJ Magic Mike every other Sunday night, spinning all-EDM, at House of Blues in Lake Buena Vista.
The floor was packed wall-to-wall.
MC Shelly Flash in cool shoes keeping the crowd focused!
And you can never go wrong with Go Go girls!

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