Saturday, September 29, 2012

Where Are The 90's?

Clubs are playing 70's, clubs are playing 80's.  But as we rapidly approach 2013, where are the clubs playing 90's?  Was it that bad of a decade for dancing?

Hmmm.....maybe it really was that bad!


Brian said...

the mid to late 80's and early to mid 90's!! is the best in "dance music"

zulemara said...

wow, talk about flashback through my formative years. Gese. I can tell you at weddings, the only 90s songs that really hold up are ice ice baby and baby got back.

I always wonder which songs from the 00's will stand the test of time.

Anonymous said...

I think this says more about whoever picked those songs. Where's Groove is in the Heart? C+C Music Factory? Real McCoys? Naughty By Nature? Madonna? Fatboy Slim?

Shawn Tucker said...

The late 90's & very early 00 pop was some great stuff! I'd make a trip to a club for that

KingBob said...

Brian, the music played at the AAHZ Reunions is from that era and of course is GREAT stuff!

Zule, in addition to wedding receptions, you can still hear some of this stuff at The Groove on a Saturday night!

Anon, you are so correct. Lot of the 90's "boy bands" in this mix. Couldn't dance to it then either!

Shawn, I think we'll see some 90's Nights downtown in the coming year.

bcupp15 said...

Wow those brought back so many memories. I wish I could go back to those days and I wont lie, if I heard just about any of those in a club right now I'd probably flip.

Anonymous said...

That video has a heavy bias towards the end of the decade and boy bands. Not that there weren't bright spots among those groups (because there were), but up until One Direction and The Wanted, there wasn't a single "Boy Band" that put out real dance music. The only thing that was close was NSYNC's last album "Celebrity" (I think?). It had a lot of stuff that would in a lot of ways be considered current today. It was also the demise of the band if you listen to it. A LOT more Timberlake solos throughout the album.

There was a lot of good 90's music, but most of it was Alt/grunge, which also isn't dance music. Hip Hop and Rap were also gaining popularity then, but besides that, there wasn't much to dance to.

KingBob said...

Anon at 5:38am, good analysis.

The only exception I think was the House/Dance scene as Brian mentioned above. That was the danceable part of the 90's. But yeah, Hip Hop and Rap definitely dominated the 1995-2010 era.