Tuesday, September 25, 2012

PI Update: Remembering The Final Night

Were you at Pleasure Island on the "Final Night"?  Do you realize that this coming Thursday marks the 4th anniversary of the clubs closing?  If you were there that night, let's revisit the DJ's that made it happen!

The Final Night DJ team:  DJ Willy (8TRAX), DJ Lon (PI Live), Erik Dennison (Programming), DJ Pete (Motion), DJ Eric Michaels (8TRAX) & DJ Hollywood Bob (Motion).
Way up there in the haze at Mannequins on the far left, Final Night team of DJ Dave Cannalte and DJ Peapod.  The Blog doesn't have a picture of the final night DJ team at Soundstage Club; we're told DJ Sincere and DJ Jimmy Jamz were on the controls there.  Rock'n'Roll Beach Club had closed earlier in the year and was thus not represented on the final night.


zulemara said...

flew down from WI just for that final night, didn't make the decision till 2 weeks prior to closing. I knew it was worth the cost and would be epic...and it was. One show at CW, then over to MDP and I didn't leave all night long. I'll never forget it!

DJMadManRay said...

Hey Bob, Here's a video from the last Monday Night (that was our night every week, along with other nights but Monday's without fail) at Mannequins:


And here's a video from the last Monday Night at 8Trax (Love that everyone was singing along..LOL):


And not from the last week, but a view from the 2nd floor of 8Trax:


Damn Mouse! Miss P.I.!!

Paul Chandler, Saint Louis, MO said...

@zulemara, it's awesome that you flew down from WI for the final night! I was there too. I was already going to be in town to run the first Expedition Everest 5k Challenge at DAK. My dad flew down w/ me. I did the run at DAK, then went to PI. We went to Motion, then we caught the 2nd to last CW show, followed by MDP till the end of the night. My dad is like a 5 year old at Disney, and he's now 60. It was a Magical night! He let me drink all I wanted, as he drove back to the hotel after. We stayed at MDP until the county police came in and cleared out the building. Funny thing is that night is also my husband's birthday. We are both from Saint Louis originally, met back in 2001. We both lived in Orlando, but at different times. That night in 2008, he was living in Orlando. We met again in 08/2010 and were married 10/01/2011. I chose the wedding date, Oct. 1st, for that is when MK and Epcot opened. I'm a former cast member myself. I love the fact that my husband's birthday is the day that PI closed.

I finally went back to PI last March, when I went down to Orlando for the day when the Lake Buena Vista Post Office closed. I still kept my po box there. I drove over to PI and walked around. I entered at MDP and walked up the hill to CW. By the time I made it to the top, I literally went to the bathroom and vomited after what I saw.

It was well worth the cost to be there. Hopefully we can fly down when it reopens!

Anonymous said...

The two saddest days in the history of Disney:

1) Walt dies 12/15/1966

2) PI closes 9/27/2008

KingBob said...

I recall that when the sheer weight of all the people on the dance floor caused the floor to come to a complete stop, I kept revolving! For most of the night I stayed on the floor and kept circling around as best I could. Most people just stayed where they were when the floor stopped which made it easy for me to keep going around and around! Hey, if I accidentally knocked over your drink as I revolved, sorry about that!

Bill said...

I spent the second to last night in Mannequins... we chanted "one more song" that night, too... I just uploaded a short video of the very end of that night, makes me miss it all over again.

I spent the final night in the AC, which for a fan was just too much for words.

Cried both nights.

Brian said...

I was in Mannequins.

ALL night.

I wish dj Pete Warner was there! that would have been the best not to say that DJ pea Pod and dj Dave Cannalte where not great that night BUT would have been nice to have Pete there! he was there from when I started going out!

I also have well I have two Video's of that night the END! that is. my video is on youtube.

I made some really great friends there. and had the BEST bar tender who else but Dawn!!!!!!!

KingBob said...

Zulemara, I think that was the first time I met you!

DJMadManRay, thanks for sharing the video links. Great memories at 8TRAX and Mannequins. 8TRAX Reunion coming up on October 13th at Retro Room!

Paul Chandler, PI today is indeed a vast wasteland. In an utter display of incompetence, Disney gave the adult business away for free to its major competitor. CityWalk then used the excess profits to fund the construction of Wizarding World of Harry Potter, which then managed to steal a day of theme park attendance away from Disney too!

Bill, Peapod was under instructions to close at the normal time and ignore chants for another song. He was successful on Thursday and Friday nights. Saturday night was different. The chants did not die down; no one was leaving. Cannalte was there with Peapod. I think it was Cannalte that pulled out Rozalla's EVERYBODY'S FREE (TO FEEL GOOD) and the place went crazy!

Brian, I remember!

ClubMaster said...

I remember working at universals HHN at a haunted house and I pretended to get sick so I could leave early and i was speeding to PI and arrived at 10pm in time to get into mannequins and I got in and danced untill they closed and chanted, " One more song"!!!

KingBob said...

ClubMaster, that's BAD, very BAD!