Monday, September 3, 2012

Dragon-Con (Atlanta)

Dropped by Dragon-Con while in Atlanta yesterday afternoon.  Was not able to attend this year's Zombie Prom DJ dance party because of Electric Sunfest but there were still plenty of people in costume milling about the streets of Atlanta and inside the host hotels.
I think these are girls.
Lots of homemade costumes this year.
It was nice taking pictures without that annoying guy constantly jumping in on them!
For the most part I think people were saving there best outfits for evening parties but this was a good one; best I saw.
Spotted: Joseline from the VH1 Television program Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta.  She was on my Delta flight from Jacksonville and was next to me on the terminal transfer train at Hartsfield Jackson Atlanta International Airport.  Her security guard said she didn't have any makeup on so no pictures allowed; I'm using this publicity shot instead!


strangeling said...

Awesome, just got back from Dragon*Con myself. I was down at my gallery in the Art Show the whole time but I got to see a lot of great costumes wandering by...

KingBob said...

Strangeling, sorry I missed you!