Saturday, September 22, 2012

Club Reports: Suite B Lounge, Senso Supper Club

Friday night in the city, dropping by Suite B Lounge before heading over to see Nicole!
The NLP DJ's were in the house including DJ Jdub!
Decent crowd on hand although not packed.
Dancing to the Breaks in her Fluffies!
Taking it to the next level!
Spotted: DJ Mark Sanchez (EPCOT-Italy) with DJ Chubby.  Sanchez confirms that he'll be back on the piazza at Italy on New Years Eve!  Can you believe it's just 3 months away already?
OK, over to Senso Supper Club, the fine dining establishment that turns into a club later on!
The pièce de résistance, DJ Nicole Moudaber (GB) coming on about 12:30am!
Somewhere in that hair, a DJ spinning Euro-style Progressive House/Techno!
Senso isn't all that big to begin with, but it was packed!
OMG, she was "spinning" off a laptop!
For my friends at Denimology.  Thanks for the pose, Nicole!

 Interesting arrangement up there.
There is a crowd out there in the haze.
All non-vocal House, I didn't recognize a single song but it didn't matter.  This was the pure stuff that brings memories of the House scene back in the day.
And a good time was had by all!


ClubMaster said...

YEAH!!! Mark Sanchez!! Cant wait for Epcot on NYE, you know where to find me :P

KingBob said...

No doubt I'll be there too!