Monday, September 3, 2012

Club Report: Techno Night At CityWalk

Since I was in Miami last night, could not cover this year's "Techno Night" at CityWalk at Universal Orlando Resort. No problem as Blog reader Gilbert was there to cover it for us....via text!  During the afternoon crews were setting up the DJ stage.
The fancy entryway was already installed for the event taking place between The Groove and Latin Quarter.
Later last night, the music was on as numerous DJ's played sets of Electronic Dance Music. I never saw a list of who was performing so if anyone has DJ names, please post in the Comments.
Even CityWalk has apparently learned: You can never go wrong with Go-Go girls!  Nice!
A view of the large crowd on hand.  Gilbert says both The Groove and outside patio areas were packed.  Thank you Gilbert for sharing!


Ken said...

I had a great time. I only wish city walk would have "Techno Nights" more often than once a year.

Anonymous said...

or just open a "Techno club"

Anonymous said...

Get a better DJ in the groove.

Mark&Beth said...

Bobby, Scotty B. played the last set outside and tore it up with his high energy sets. DJ M-Squared was spinning in the Groove but I cant tolerate 20-30 seconds of a song then switching to another. DJ E.T. also played.

KingBob said...

Ken, a CityWalk manager once told me that they make so much money from their regular format at The Groove that they don't want to mess with it for fear of losing the tourists.

Mark, thanks for the info! I recall Scotty B's set last year inside The Groove. My article commented that he "blew up the place"! He's the DJ at Orlando Magic games too.