Monday, September 3, 2012

Club Report: Club Space (Miami)

Have been wanting to come here for years but business trips to Miami are always during the week yet this place is only open on weekends. Finally, a visit last night to America's #1 dance club, Space!
Advertising tells people to be here at 10pm but that only leads to fashionably long lines because they don't open the doors until 11pm.  And then they bring you into this downstairs holding room before you're let upstairs to the main room, The Terrace. Downstairs does have its own DJ booth and dance floor plus several bars to help you get started!
Then upstairs to the main room.  It's a cool place with good decorations, lighting and CO2 spray-downs. But it ain't no Mannequins!
Opening resident DJ Troy Kurtz spinning House.  And when I say House, I'm not talking that Top 40 stuff that passes as House most places.  This was real House music!  Wow!
And that apparently is the attraction of this place.  It has stayed true to the House scene over the decades while so many other clubs strayed away to you know what!
Wall-to-wall with personalities.
DJ Lucas van Scheppingen (NL) taking over the controls at 1:30am this morning!  Better known as DJ Laidback Luke!
And he played like he was playing in Ibiza: pure Euro-style House!
No laptops here; everything off CD's, lol!
The crowd never stopped moving!
And if you had a good spot, you didn't stray!
Laidback Luke played at Roxy in Orlando this past Thursday night but I was unable to attend so I'm glad I finally got to hear him. Notice no earphones for the Dutchman, just that wire.
A good time was had by all!


faruk hassan said...

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Neo Nightlife said...

Thanks for sharing for this blog.

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KingBob said...

Always happy to support the EDM scene everywhere! Haven't been to Mansion but love Space!!