Sunday, September 30, 2012

Club Report: Atlantic Dance Hall (Pleasure Island Reunion)

Approaching Atlantic Dance Hall last night I could hear off in the distance the faint sound of...."The Cupid Shuffle"!  This is one place that has not changed with the times, lol. It's definitely Motion 2.0!
DJ Willy (8TRAX, Motion, The Groove, Red Coconut Club) on the boards putting out the music on this Pleasure Island Reunion weekend!
With Matt (left), the planner of this Facebook event, in the house with DJ Rockin' Todd Russell (MixstarRadio).
You never know what you're going to find at ADH, but when I came in the place was jammed!
Mix the PI Reunion with two bachelorette parties and a wedding reception after-party and you have a packed club!
Wobble baby wobble!
Willy was playing mixes from the various PI dance clubs including a lot of 8TRAX, Motion & Soundstage!
Disney Security was in the house (but don't tell anyone)!
Tu-tu's are big this year!
Disco Duke! (8TRAX)
Mannequins / VH1
Mannequins, PI Live
Willy did give us a Mannequins set near the end of the evening.  But this is Atlantic Dance Hall where most of the patrons still don't know what to do with EDM.
Mannequins all the way!
And a good time was had by all!


Jerry said...

It was so much fun seeing everyone last nite. Seeing old friends and meeting new ones. It was Pleasure Island all over again. I had an awesome time. Thanks Rob.....

mark&beth said...

Absolutely a great time last night. Great seeing old friends... said...

DISCO DUKE = P.I. LEGEND; for all intensive purposes, he should have been on Disney payroll. Added ambiance to 8Trax. Final night, I asked him, "so what are you going to do now?", he replied, "keep on groovin". Never broke character. Epic Schtick!

KingBob said...

Jerry & Mark/Beth, great to see you all again. So much fun seeing so many PI people at one time in one place! Hope you all can make it to the 8TRAX REUNION on the October 13th at RETRO ROOM!

TightGlove, Disco Duke is a legend indeed. PI people scattered in so many directions but I have run into him several times at CityWalk.

Ken said...

I always looked forward to seeing Disco Duke out on the dance floor at 8 Trax - inspirational indeed. He was actually a Soul Train dancer for a while when he was stationed out on the West Coast.

Anonymous said...

Bob, why don't you ever go to CityWalk anymore? What happened??

KingBob said...

I do go to CityWalk but I like downtown Orlando a lot better. My club schedule has me at TG this weekend.