Sunday, July 29, 2012

Club Reports: Wall Street Plaza, Suite B Lounge, Vixen Bar

I generally ignore Wall Street Plaza, the collection of bars and dance clubs standing below the Wells Fargo Bank tower downtown.  I ignore it because the music is just about always Hip Hop.
But as I wandered the area last night, the music was all House, Dance, and Classic Dance.  I circled around to see who was putting out this great music at Wall Street. I was surprised to find out it was their own resident DJ Digital (Slingapours). 
LOL....I told him I had never heard him play a House set before!  If he's going to start doing this more often, I may need to add Wall Street to my list of Saturday night options!
Over to Suite B Lounge, where there is never a shortage of EDM!
Last night featuring an all female DJ line-up made up of (left to right) DJ Chan, Funkbaby & DJ Scarlett! It doesn't get much better than this!
Funkbaby, part of the locally-based NLP DJ Group was on the boards when I came in putting out Breaks.
Scarlett came on shortly thereafter with both vocal and non-vocal Breakbeats and even some Housy Breakbeats.
I missed Chan's set but she was dancing all over the club supporting the scene!
There were people throughout the club dancing but I was disappointed by the turnout.
The people there were definitely getting into the music.
Awesome outfits from the South Carolina girls!  Chan is from Columbia and Scarlett from Greenville/Spartanburg.
Vixen Bar was also competing last night for the Breakbeat crowd.
ill DJ Chris B (Electric Daisy-Orlando, Icon) was spinning over here.
As was DJ Fixx!
It was more crowded here than at Suite B.
The people were into the music here too!
Stepping onto the small dance floor carried the risk of getting mowed-over though.
Biggest roar of the night came when they played their joint-remix of Sporty O's song "International Wingman",  a song popularized via its inclusion by Baby Anne on her Babylicious album.
And a good time was had by all.
Nina in the office where I work had just this past Friday showed me these spiky shoes on the internet and I told her that no one would actually wear those things!  Didn't expect to be proven wrong this quickly!


Anonymous said...

Bob will the female group be coming back?

KingBob said...

My understanding is that this might be a monthly event. Not positive. Scarlett will be back on Saturday, August 11th for Old School vs Nu Skool, a DJ battle of vinyl vs CD's.

Brian said...