Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Club Report: AAHZ Unity

When people who were here last night look back on 2012, this is the EDM event they're going to remember!  AAHZ Unity at The Beacham!
It was like four quarters of American football with DJ Dave Cannalte (left) from Mannequins spinning in the 1st Quarter!
DJ Chris Fortier cranking it out in the 2nd Quarter!
Guest DJ duo Dynamix II doing the 3rd Quarter.
And while a thoroughly packed house looked on.....
.....main man DJ Kimball Collins in the 4th Quarter.
This had to have been the largest crowd of all the AAHZ Reunion events.  It was full when I arrived and it only got more crazy as it got later.
Spotted:  Marybeth (NLP DJ's)
Spotted:  The elusive DJ Icey just back from a performance in China!
Spotted:  DJ Baby Anne just back from a music festival in Spain!
Spotted: DJ Indie John visiting with The Rollins Girls!
Spotted: DJ John Debo.  He opens for Dada Life on July 12th at Roxy!
Spotted: DJ Andy Hughes.
Spotted: DJ Vitamin C of The Silly Grape in Maitland, a great after-work place to chill!
Spotted: Two more legends, DJ The Reverend & DJ AK1200!
Spotted: DJ Matrix in the foreground. Even as it got later, the crowd never thinned out.
Dana (Stella Luca)
The Reverend with Baby Anne and Dave Cannalte!
Kimball returns to residency at QBar in Bangkok shortly.
Unfortunately there won't be another AAHZ event this November :-(
But definitely last night, a good time was had by all!


Brian Story said...

was a great night!!!

Will said...

Because they put Dynamix on the front table, it was hard to see the main dj's all night, they were way back.

KingBob said...

Brian, good to see you!

Will, you're right; had not thought of that!