Friday, March 23, 2012

PI Update: Disney No Longer Afraid To Mention Their Clubs!

When the Pleasure Island clubs closed in September, 2008, we entered into a period where club-speak was eliminated from the vocabulary of Pleasure Island employees. Sure there were whispers but dance clubs and comedy clubs became clubs-nongrata. Where it was practical, club signs were eliminated. Overnight the club sign for Motion was taken down and the club sign for 8TRAX was painted over. The more difficult signs for Soundstage, Adventurers Club and Mannequins remained standing. It was only when several clubs (Motion, Adventures Club, Soundstage) were made available for private rentals that one could officially speak of the places. But later when club demolitions were put on the agenda and rentals ceased, clubs were once again something CM's didn't publicly speak about. Paranoia reached its peak last August when club names still standing were obliterated.

But the tide has turned and we've entered an era where it appears Disney has gotten beyond the paranoia and is embracing its Pleasure Island past instead of shunning it! How else can you explain using Adventurers Club cast for an long-term employee banquet last fall and then again this week for a travel agent expo? There was no hesitation bringing back Comedy Warehouse CM's for multiple shows to the public during the holidays last year, and to sold out crowds at that. We've yet to see Disney acknowledge the past when it comes to their former dance clubs but they really could....and should. For the most part they were great places to be proud of!

Whether any of this means a hill of beans pertaining to comedy or dance clubs ever returning permanently, we don't know. Pleasure Island fans need to keep up the pressure though and always in a mature, constructive way. There are prior examples of attractions "returning" due to customer demand. People want their Adventures Club back, people want their Mannequins back, people want their 8TRAX back. Come on Disney, there is money to be made!


Anonymous said...

I could'nt agree more, It's about time you all were smelling the coffee, it took a while, but all those save P.I.,ers have been heard.
Light P.I. now and let everybody party.

Anonymous said...

will NEVER be the same!

Anonymous said...

I agree with both Anon's.
No, it would not be the same, nothing in life stays the same. But, here is the opportunity, four years later, to re-brand those three awesome clubs... Mannequins, 8Trax and Adventurer's Club and bring some night life back to downgtown Disney. ALL the other businesses already there would benefit from it, too!!! Let's go Disney Execs!!!