Friday, March 9, 2012

Club Report: Vintage Lounge (DJ Baby Anne)

Vintage Lounge downtown on a Thursday night.
House and Dance music from resident DJ Marc Sparks (Touch).
But the star of the night, none other than DJ Baby Anne (USA) taking over shortly after midnight!
Big crowd on hand for a Thursday.
Quite a few dancing on the small floor in front of the booth.
Always plenty of scenery at Baby Anne concerts!
Awesome mix of not only the expected Breaks and Florida Breaks but a surprising amount of House and Classic Dance mixed in!
Spotted:  DJ Icey (USA) with friends.
Spotted: Local favorites ill DJ Chris B (Vixen, EDC-Orlando, Icon) and DJ Freefall (Vintage, Dragon Room).
Baby Anne on the floor getting down with the common people!
Fun music, fun crowd, fun night!!  A good time was had by all!!


Anonymous said...

I didn't know about this, i would have gone.

KingBob said...

It was featured one day in advance here on the Blog.