Monday, December 5, 2011

PI Update: Was 8TRAX Gutted?

This is what 8TRAX looked like on the outside, just a few years ago!
This is what 8TRAX looked like on the inside, just a few years ago!
And after the club closed, this is what 8TRAX looked like on the outside.
And after the club closed, this is what 8TRAX looked like on the inside.
A Save Pleasure Island Blog representative had been invited inside and found that it was being used solely for storage. But nearly everything was in place exactly as it was on the night it had closed, even decorations on the wall. Sound and lighting equipment had been removed though. More pics here.
During August of this year, all of the clubs finally had their decorative exteriors covered over. Clubs that still had their names posted had those removed or plastered over.  Supposedly this was to help outside vendors better be able to envision their own operations in the empty spaces. And Downtown Disney apparently had some extra money left over in the budget.
Now according to a Pleasure Island source, shortly after the repainting, whatever was still inside that was connected to 8TRAX was gutted. To me that would mean the remaining wall decorations, the colorful floors and walls, etc.  Speculation here but the metal bars that surrounded the different levels would have had to remain for safety purposes but, if the source is correct, they would have lost their funky pink/purple color they had.  Long live 8TRAX! Likely the most profitable club on Pleasure Island!


Jordan said...

Bring back 8TRAX!!!! or is it TRAXX?
oh who cares bring it back.

zulemara said...

Monday MDP, Thursday 8-trax, Fri, sat, sun work 8-trax plus normal location,go to breakfast late at night, and repeat!

Oh those were the days! Had it not been for 8-trax, for watching others(and a little liquid encouragement) and learning, I never would have gained the confidence to be a mobile DJ or learn and do Thriller!

Anonymous said...

I could'nt agree more, also thanks for the information.
Yes,they do need to fix up 8Trax and because it was one of the profitable clubs on Pleasure- Island.
So come on guys fix it up, its soon going to be 2012, so lets reopen the clubs.

Anonymous said...

Have to post this bulletin board posting by Lee on WDWMagic:

"Just wanted to chime in and say something (rant) about profit.
These are sad times we are living in as Disney fans when profit is the most important factor in deciding whether or not to close or keep open a club or attraction.
So what if a club like AC wasn't a huge money maker? How much do they make (directly) off of the Electrical Water Pagent? Off nightly fireworks? Off an afternoon parade or dance party or castle show?
In fact the point can be made that, taken individually, they each cost more than they directly bring in.
In those cases profit isn't (and shouldn't be) the point. They are all individual and integral pieces of the Disney experience, where the whole is more important than it's parts. The highly-paid and over-educated consultants lost sight of that. Now the clubs are closed and those morons are, in many cases, no longer with the company.
It's been a lose-lose situation. Closing the clubs has cost Disney tremendously in the financial area (Some profit is far better than none...) and in the area of good will. Shame they won't acknowledge making a mistake and try to make good..."

Anonymous said...

Anon @ December 5, 2011 11:05 PM!
if this was true then disney would have never redone ANY of there rides at ANY of their parks! and Disney is about the money OR PI would have never opened!!
one question REALLY you think Disney keeps open something that makes NO money!! call disney and ask why the y closed a ride! they will tell you it was no longer popular (makes money)

KingBob said...

I think it's pretty well known by now that Disney thought that they could make higher profits by renting out the club spaces to others than they could by continuing to operate dance clubs and comedy clubs. Of course it's about the money.

ClubMaster said...

It gets better every year at Epcot! But if you choose to party somewhere else I understand. I should suggest to disney entertainment staff when i see them to add a Rotating dance floor in italy. Thats the only thing were missing.

ClubMaster said...

Bob i look forward to your annual post on NYE OPTIONS!! its almost new years btw!!

KingBob said...

ClubMaster, many places don't even announce their NYE plans until right after Christmas. So the Blog's NYE article likely won't run until then.

At WDW, I've seen DJ Tony Z announced for Atlantic Dance Hall, a family party with unknown DJ at Disneyquest and the Andre Caram Band playing on the main stage at Downtown Disney Marketplace.